Archie & Clover visit Sudbury Water Meadows

It was about time that I introduced Archie, Clover and of course Lisa to Sudbury Water Meadows …..     Archie had a glorious time rolling in and eating cowpats, therefore ensuring that none of us ( apart from Rusty ) wanted to get anywhere near him !  Luckily, plenty of water was on hand […]

Tamla – The Fox-Red Labrador Puppy

I met this cute pup at the Suffolk Show last week …. The owner had slow progress around the showground, as everybody wanted to stop and make a fuss of this gorgeous Fox-Red Labrador puppy ….Tamla

Suffolk Gundog Club at the Suffolk Show 2016

I made my annual visit to The Suffolk Show last week, in conditions that could only be described as wintry.  In fact, the weather forecasters confirmed that Thursday 2nd June was colder than Christmas Day … Meeting some of the members of the Suffolk Gundog Club certainly cheered me up and I managed to get […]

Poppy & Snowy

    I was lucky enough to join a group of close friends for an enjoyable walk around the beautiful Suffolk countryside at the weekend – taking in the picturesque village of Kersey. The walk was made perfect for me by the presence of 2 new friends for Rusty … Poppy, the Jack Russell Terrier […]

Spaniels at The Splash

Rusty and I were lucky enough to meet lots of dogs on Sunday on the Sudbury Water Meadows. It was a lovely afternoon and the dogs were intent on having fun – especially at the stretch of river near the Mill Hotel – which we call The Splash … There we met 2 water- loving […]

Labradors & Water …

My weekend visit to ‘All About Dogs’ in Ipswich was more ‘All About Weather’ than dogs….. I did get the chance to capture a lovely image of a Labrador Retriever doing what it loves doing best = Retrieving a ball, in the water !!     Handsome dog – totally focussed on the job in hand – […]

All About Dogs – Easter Weekend

I decided to take Rusty to a special Dog Event over the Easter Weekend at the Suffolk Showground in Ipswich. “All About Dogs” is a specialised event that takes place at numerous venues throughout the year and is dedicated, as the name suggests, to everything ‘Doggy’ … The Easter weather was unfortunately very chilly, windy and […]

Rusty’s Story continued …

I have to apologise for committing the “cardinal sin” of not blogging on a regular basis …!  Lots of things seem to have become really hectic all at once – and I have neglected my blogging duties whilst I have been juggling a fair number of tasks – including returning to my part-time bank work […]

Easter at Marlborough House

It’s been such a beautiful day today and so I decided to get out into the garden to enjoy the sun whilst it lasted … One of the things that I wanted to achieve was to take some Easter Chick photographs. The area by my pond in the front garden is south-facing and I still have […]

Noodle the Doodle …

It was a bright but cold day today – and I decided to take Rusty to Roman Fields – which is a very popular location for dog walkers in Colchester. Everyone is very friendly there and the dogs can really enjoy themselves chasing each other around on a wonderful expanse of meadow which was once […]