The following frequently asked questions will hopefully help you to understand more about our photography session together – but please feel free to contact me should you have any questions at all … 

What pets can take part in the Photoshoots ?

  • Dogs and puppies
  • Cats and kittens
  • Horses
  • Chickens and other poultry
  • Rabbits and other small mammals
  • Reptiles

I am happy to photograph any creature who is special to you – so please feel free to contact me about your pet !

What areas do you cover ?

The counties of Essex and Suffolk. I am happy to travel further afield upon request.

Any journey covering a round trip of over 60 miles will be charged at a rate of 45p per mile over the 60 miles to cover fuel costs.

How long do the Photoshoots last ?

My Portrait and Portfolio shoots run for between 1-2 hours. The other shoots would typically last between 1- 3 hours, however, there is no specific time limit. It is more important for your pet to feel relaxed and secure, in order that I can take natural photographs of your pet having fun.

What time of day do they take place ?

It is usually better to take photographs in the softer light of early morning or late afternoon – as these will produce the best conditions for the images. However, our decision will also depend on the time of year, the venue chosen and your individual requirements.

What if the weather is bad for our Photoshoot ?

If the weather conditions are unsuitable for our planned session – such as rain, snow or fog – then we can reschedule at no extra cost.

What if my pet is badly behaved on the shoot ?

My dog, Rusty, is an angel when it comes to posing for the camera – but not all pets will be such willing models.

My intention is to help your pet to be as relaxed as possible, which is why I like to take time to get to know them before I start taking photos, ensuring that they are happy doing all their normal, fun things with me around … In my experience most dogs soon get the hang of what the photoshoot is about and becoming posing experts !

If all else fails, I do have some very thin and light leads that we can use if your dog really has trouble staying still for the portraits shots. I can then remove this lead during my editing process.

I have also successfully enabled reactive rescue and prey-driven dogs (who need to remain on lead) to appear leash-free and perfectly relaxed.

You, as the owner, will always be the best person to control and encourage your pet if they are stressed or mischevious. I have found that a combination of patience, some treats, a favourite toy, or some interesting noises usually mean that we can work together to achieve the desired results ! 

Experience has shown me that there is always a way to get a set of successful images, showing a pet’s true personality, even if they are not the type to ‘sit prettily’. My blogpost about Dozer, the extremely bouncy rascal of a Bulldog pup should give you an insight into what I mean …

What if I would like photos of more than one Pet ?

This will depend entirely on the individual circumstances and it is something that we can discuss at your initial consultation meeting. My Portfolio, V.I.P and Ultimate Shoots are all suitable for multiple pets.

Are Gift Vouchers available ?

Yes, they are – and can be to cover the cost the cost of a shoot, or part thereof.