Dozer the Bulldog

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve ‘bitten off more than you can chew’ when it comes to your work task for the day ? That perhaps this time you’re not going to be able to produce the desired results ?

This is definitely how I felt at the beginning of my Photoshoot with Dozer, a ‘teenage’ Bulldog, weighing more than two Rusty’s put together and full of several cans of beans !

He came along with his owner Josh and 2 of his friends – Penny the Pug and Trixie, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – both of whom were fragile and petite in comparison to his hefty frame. Dozer is now 18 months old and is a part English and part Old English Bulldog, which makes him taller than the regular English Bulldogs.

It soon became apparent that he wanted to play rather than pose – and that it was certainly not going to be a ‘portrait-style’ photoshoot for him. With his boundless energy and love of chewing sticks, I was going to have to adapt my plans to suit his personality.

Whilst the other dogs posed to order, I began to photograph Dozer as he played, capturing any lucky moments when his stopped for a split second. His expressions turned out to be priceless and really summed up that quintessential Bulldog look.

It was far too long before it dawned on me the real reason for Dozer’s name, after Trixie & Penny had been bowled over by him as he played enthusiastically with them. I’d stupidly thought of the other type of ‘dozing’ – which luckily patience rewarded me with towards the end of the Shoot …

I knew that our walk ended with a section of open field, rather than the narrow footpaths and country lanes of the beginning, so I decided that the free space to run around would suit Dozer perfectly.

Another brilliant method to get around the posing issue was to take some photos of Dozer with his owner Josh – who was luckily not camera shy. This way, I was able to get some shots of Dozer showing a different side to his character and also capture the great friendship bond between the two of them. These images actually turned out to be my personal favourites from the shoot.

Perhaps you’ve thought about having a Photoshoot for your dog, however, you’ve convinced yourself that he or she just wouldn’t behave in an orderly fashion ? If you have a dog who is super bouncy, not the type to pose, or you’re after images that really sum up your dog’s breed and characteristics, then I can guarantee that by working with you over the course of the Photoshoot I can provide a set of awesome images for you to treasure.

Get in touch with me now to see how I can change your perceptions, by calling 07872076813 or filling in my contact form.

ps : if you’re interested in following the fun-packed Dozer on Instagram, please click on the link below -:

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