Rusty in Brighton


Travelling down to Brighton for a few days with Rusty, I was keen to get some images of him on the pebbles – ideally with a view of the dilapidated West Pier in view.



It was quite late in the afternoon when the two of us headed down to the beach and so I was unsure how well the camera would cope. With my wide aperture 135mm lens, however, there was no need for concern.

There was a definite coolness to the colour palette that lent an interesting effect to the finished images – adding to the atmosphere of remote solitude. The tide was coming in, with fierce breakers crashing onto the pebbles. The West Pier ruins appeared ghostly and seemed to float against the blue/grey backdrop – where the sea and sky blended into one.



When I turned to look landward, I noticed that the buildings lining the sea front provided a change of hue – and that Rusty matched well with the brick and pebbles. There is still a cool muted effect to the image.



The lights were starting to come on by now adding another layer of interest to the scene.



As Rusty chased pebbles, he climbed onto a section of sea wall, directly below the last vestiges of setting sun, far out to sea. I love the way the wide aperture has brought out the texture of the wall and highlighted Rusty against the ethereal backdrop of sea and sky.



Several groups of pier supports remain on the beach, adding to the West Pier’s iconic appeal. Rusty seemed to like posing in front of them and, once again, the wide aperture has created a distinct divide between him and the ghostly background.

Thanks, as always, to my patient and exceptionally well behaved model for a thoroughly enjoyable photoshoot.

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