The Cavapoochons

The weather in Boxted today was very dreary – mizzly is probably the best description. Rusty and I had planned to go to the beach for today’s walk, which seemed like an unappealing idea in the circumstances. The mist was going nowhere and I was unsure of the potential for any useful photography practice. Nevertheless, we kept to our plan and headed towards Frinton on Sea.

Walking down the steep steps from the Greensward, I could see the expanse of unspoilt sand between the old groynes and smiled at the prospect of Rusty having fun down there. Once we were standing on the beach itself, I realised the mizzle had stopped and just a thin mist remained. The sand was golden and everything else was grey. There was no horizon to be seen and it appeared that the sea and sky were one. There was much more ambient light than I had expected, yet the overall effect gave the beach an ethereal quality – with the gentle ripples of the low-tide waves adding to the peaceful atmosphere.

Rusty Dog in the Sea

Of course, Rusty was oblivious to the weather and was just pleased to be on the sand chasing his ball. Luckily for him, there were a handful of other dog walkers on the beach – and their dogs all came to say hello.

Dog on Frinton Beach

Two dogs in particular caught my eye as they approached. From a distance, they looked like Cockapoos and it was evident that they were related. They turned out to be brother and sister, Teddy & Rosie – and were in fact Cavapoochons. This was the first time I had heard of this tribrid – a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miniature Poodle and Bichon Frise.

Rosie the Cavapoochon

They were absolutely adorable and beautifully well-behaved. Their faces were very expressive and I could see the Bichon Frise elements in the shape of their heads and their gorgeous fluffy tails. They were so photogenic – and excellent posers. Their coat colour worked perfectly with the wet sand …

Teddy the Cavapoochon

Their owner, Tina, explained that Teddy enjoyed being in the company of people and other dogs, however, he liked his own space and was happiest if he could keep to his known routines. He was very placid whilst we were there and didn’t make any fuss about Rusty being nearby.

Teddy the Cavapoochon

Teddy and Rosie get on well together and they make a lovely pair …

Teddy & Rosie Cavapoochons

…and of course, they love their owner.

Teddy the Cavapoochon

After being able to capture these gorgeous images and meeting Teddy & Rosie,  I was extremely pleased that we stuck to our plan of visiting our favourite local beach …


  1. Teddy has very knowing, almost-human eyes!


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