Dogs at the Beach – Felixstowe

My friend and I took Rusty to felixstowe in the week for some fun on the beach. It was great to fill our lungs with fresh sea air and meet some cute dogs too …

Like Ted, the Golden Doodle -:


Rusty had great fun chasing his ball, even though Felixstowe has a shingle beach. I used to visit many times as a child – and always hated the pebbles !


We then met 2 more gorgeous dogs Harley & Pepe, who were extremely friendly. They were also really patient whilst we had a good long chat with their owners – who are regular visitors to Felixstowe from my old home town, Ipswich.




Rusty didn’t want to be outdone on the ‘Cute” front, as I caught him practising his angelic look …


He also did some of his hypnotic staring tricks to ensure I bought him a sausage from the Fish & Chip Shop !!


Beaches are simply fantastic for dog photoshoots – and a perfect venue for plenty of canine fun !

Please complete the contact form below in order to secure your beach session this Summer – and create some timeless memories of your best friend to treasure forever …

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