Rusty at the Stables

Rusty came with me at the weekend whilst I visited a friend at her stables. I was so excited to meet the horses in her care and didn’t want to leave Rusty at home alone – so this was a brand new experience for him.


He certainly appeared a little unsure of things as he looked out of the car …




He isn’t too keen on cows and sheep, so I wasn’t sure how he would react to the horses. The latter were all very laid-back and used to Catherine’s dog, Bella – but Rusty thought that some of them seemed mighty large !!



I captured this image of him looking somewhat perturbed, as he kept a safe distance away …



After a while, I decided to let him sit back in the car, with the hatchback open – and sure enough, he joined me again after a short while and started to follow me around the muddy fields. He discovered something much more interesting than the horses themselves – Horse poo !  He was now quite happy frolicking about in the mud and helping us to ‘poo pick’.

He also seemed to quite like the hay that was spread out for the horses …



In fact, he looked very handsome with his rusty coat contrasting with the colours of the hay and mud.



At the end of the day – if Rusty is close to me ( and has a supply of food to boot) – he is always going to be happy …

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