Poppy & Snowy


Rascals Kersey-10

Kersey Church & Village


I was lucky enough to join a group of close friends for an enjoyable walk around the beautiful Suffolk countryside at the weekend – taking in the picturesque village of Kersey. The walk was made perfect for me by the presence of 2 new friends for Rusty …

Poppy, the Jack Russell Terrier & Snowy, the Miniature Schnauzer …

I was apprehensive at the start of the walk, as Rusty was attacked by a grumpy Jack Russell bitch about six months ago. This has left him very wary of the breed – to the extent that he will slink past any that he meets, running away from them at his earliest opportunity. Amazingly, I needn’t have worried. Poppy was extremely well behaved and laid back – she really wasn’t that interested in her male companions and just did her own thing ! This meant that Rusty felt under no threat whatsoever, which was fantastic news …

Poppy is an OAP in terms of dog years, however she trotted around the 9 mile circuit with the vigour of a young pup. She is extremely independent and was happy to explore the countryside, sniffing out any interesting signs of rats or rabbits.





She is a friendly and lovable lady, not inclined to bark or snap – and is very content to cuddle up to her owners, Emma & Jock ( who understandably think the world of her…)  She loves her titbits and was happy sniffing out any available treats when we stopped for lunch at the Kersey Bell Pub – peanuts definitely seemed to be her favourite, although she wasn’t that fussy !


Rascals Kersey-8

Poppy on the scrounge – Kersey Bell


Kersey village is extremely attractive and unspoilt. Its main street runs uphill to the church and is lined with wonderful period cottages and grander dwellings. There is a ford at the bottom of the hill, known as the Kersey Splash – and Viv decided to pose with Snowy in the water -:


Viv & Snowy Marsh in the Kersey Splash

Viv & Snowy Marsh in the Kersey Splash


Snowy, the Miniature Schnauzer is 4 years old. He is white and so is unusual – because the Miniature Schnauzers I have met are predominately grey in colour. This made him seem like a completely different dog to me, less harsh in appearance and adorably handsome. He has the most gorgeous cocked ears that are a lovely soft pink on the inside. His temperament seemed gentler too and reminded me of my very dear friend, Elsa, the Schnauzer puppy who I met many years ago.




He made friends with us all and seemed to be happy trotting along in Rusty’s company. He was also quite independent – and resisted Rusty’s repeated attempts to play and chase around, despite much bowing and encouragement. Poor Rusty – he does love playing tag !!

Our friends Viv and Sarah offered Snowy a home when his owner needed someone to look after him – and I believe that they have taken on a real gem …They have only recently lost their previous dog, Miffy. She was a fabulous Yorkie with an amazing character – who lived to a ripe old age. Albeit having a difficult act to follow, I believe that Snowy is a wonderful successor to Miffy – as he is a complete darling – with a lovable and approachable character – and a willingness to be everybody’s friend. It was love at first sight for me… and I knew that I was completely smitten when we returned to his house for tea and he stood with his front paws on my lap to give me lots of doggy kisses !


Rascals Kersey-4


I was extremely excited on the walk, as I was on the constant lookout for photo opportunities of the 3 dogs, especially Poppy and Snowy. Neither of them stayed still for long and so were not as obliging a model as Rusty.


Rusty Dog

Rusty Dog


To finish, I thought that I would post a photo of each dog in Black & White. These were all taken at our lunchtime stop at the Kersey Bell – and certainly show that all Poppy and Rusty were thinking about were their tummies !!


Rascals Kersey-11

Snowy, being good !




Rascals Kersey-13

Where’s my food ?


Don't tell !!

Don’t tell – but I think I got it all !!


Rusty had a wonderful time on Sunday with his new friends – it was a very pleasurable experience, made even more so by the relaxed bond that the 3 dogs established…

Here’s to many more wonderful walks together in the beautiful Suffolk countryside …!


  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful description. I am so glad Snowy’s life is enriched by the wonderful new friends he meets (2 or 4 legged!). Viv & Sarah had a huge gap in their lives after losing their little Yorkie & I knew they were the most kindest people that would love Mr Snow to bits & provide not only a caring and loving home but also adventure and stimulation for Snowy, who is a very friendly and curious dog. We miss him very much but deep in our hearts we are so pleased his “happy ever after” is just perfect for him. X


  2. Emma says:

    Hi Amanda. Thank you for these beautiful pictures of the dogs – you really have captured their personalities so well! Especially our Poppy, what a gorgeous girl she is! Emma & Jock x


  3. Thank you Lisa for your kind comments…It was a real pleasure to spend time with Snowy – he definitely is a happy little boy !!


  4. Hi Emma !
    I’m really glad you like the photos … I hope Poppy enjoys her holiday !
    I look forward to some more walks together soon …


  5. Viv says:

    Thank you so much Amanda for your lovely write up and stunning photos.
    Beautiful memories of a most enjoyable day. You captured the images and the characters so well.
    We are so lucky to have Snowy come into our lives and count all our blessings every day. x


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