Spaniels at The Splash

Rusty and I were lucky enough to meet lots of dogs on Sunday on the Sudbury Water Meadows. It was a lovely afternoon and the dogs were intent on having fun – especially at the stretch of river near the Mill Hotel – which we call The Splash …

There we met 2 water- loving Spaniels, who dashed about in the water and along the bank in pursuit of sticks, balls and Rusty !

I was able to take a few images of the dogs as they played and was introduced to Harry – a very handsome boy with lovely markings. He had posing on the river bank down to a fine art …



Harry the Spaniel on Sudbury Water Meadows.


The other Spaniel preferred to remain in the water and his gaze was fixed permanently on the stick that his owners were throwing for him. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to ask his name.




I was trying to focus on water shots of Rusty and managed to capture a few pleasing shots of him with ears flapping and water splashing – this was my favourite!


Rusty in The Splash - Sudbury Water Meadows

Rusty in The Splash – Sudbury Water Meadows.


As Harry was still posing for the camera, I decided to take a black and white shot of him, which I feel accentuates his gorgeous expression.


Harry - Sudbury Water Meadows.

Harry – Sudbury Water Meadows.


Rusty then decided that it was his turn to pose, as he is used to being the most handsome dog around after all …


Rusty - Sudbury Water Meadows.

Rusty – Sudbury Water Meadows.


Thanks to Harry’s owner for allowing me to post his images – I really hope that you like them !!








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