All About Dogs – Easter Weekend

I decided to take Rusty to a special Dog Event over the Easter Weekend at the Suffolk Showground in Ipswich.

“All About Dogs” is a specialised event that takes place at numerous venues throughout the year and is dedicated, as the name suggests, to everything ‘Doggy’ …

The Easter weather was unfortunately very chilly, windy and wet – complete with hailstorms – and so was not wonderfully conducive to a relaxing day ( on what is basically a very large, flat and open field )

Despite this, Rusty won a 3rd prize in the Fun Dog Show ‘Gundog’ class before the heavens opened and most people left the showground.   I had intended to take lots of photographs of the doggy guests, however, the weather put paid to my plans.

I will share with you three of my favourite shots that I did manage to capture in between downpours – along with some thoughts about ‘Fun Dog Shows’ …

Now I love to see dogs in all shapes and sizes, handsome or cute, fierce-looking or ‘soppy dates’ … but I have noticed that there seems to be a real favouritism towards the less ‘handsome’ of our dog breeds when it comes to  Fun Dog Show judging. Now I know that I am biased, but Rusty is a very handsome fellow – and I saw a huge number of very good-looking or cute dogs in the ring alongside him.

Every time the winner was chosen, however, it was a member of a breed displaying less than its fair share of good looks …

Is this a fashion thing ? Or is beauty squarely in the eye of the beholder ?

I have noticed this trend over the past few years – with Bulldogs and Staffies reaping the rewards over and over again … I have nothing against these breeds whatsoever – and find them to be extremely characterful – as shown by the 3 images that I am going to post.  I do find it to be a very interesting trend though – and wonder if there is a swell of sympathy for these dogs, who seem to get a negative press for their presumed bad behaviour- when the vast majority of them are ‘big softies’ …?

I have spoken to a few people about these breeds, only to find that other dog owners and the general public tend to steer clear of them – because the wrong assumptions are made about their characters – and hence these dogs do not get to socialise normally and make friends. That makes me sad …

I suppose that you could probably argue that the owner of the crossbreed French / English Bulldog shown below is making a definite ‘fashion statement’ with the way she has presented her dog – and therefore she is playing into the hands of the dissenters …!?!

I would be interested to know your thoughts – especially if you have personal experience of one of these breeds. I hope that you like my images, which I have processed in monochrome in order to highlight their characterful expressions …










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