Noodle the Doodle …

It was a bright but cold day today – and I decided to take Rusty to Roman Fields – which is a very popular location for dog walkers in Colchester. Everyone is very friendly there and the dogs can really enjoy themselves chasing each other around on a wonderful expanse of meadow which was once the site of an ancient roman settlement.

Today I met Noodle, the Labradoodle  –  apparently, an Australian version of the breed – who was extremely friendly and placid (and rather cuddly to boot !) He had been with his current owners since he was 8 months old, after an unsettled start to life with various owners who were not really best placed for looking after an active dog. After some hard work on the training front, Noodle settled down into a happy, carefree dog – and his owner describes him as “having calmed down considerably now he is 5 years old”. He seemed full of fun and playfulness to me – just perfect !!!

One of the very first things he did upon meeting me was to lay down on his back so that I could give his tummy a tickle – instant endearment on my part – I fell in love with him and just had to get a quick photo.

Hope you like Noodle the Doodle …!?!


Noodle the labradoodle-1

Noodle the Labradoodle at Roman Fields, Colchester

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