Coco – or is it Cocoa ?

Rusty and I met a new friend on the water meadows in Sudbury yesterday afternoon – a huge bundle of shaggy fur, called Coco.

She is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and an Alsatian and has the most gorgeous grey coat tinged with shades of brown. Friendly, yet mischievous, Coco made off with Rusty’s ball and refused to relinquish it. This suited me fine, as it gave me the chance to capture a few images of this beautiful dog …


FB - coco-1

Coco on the Sudbury Water Meadows



FB - coco-2

Coco looking gorgeous yet still refusing to give up the ball …


FB - coco-3

My name’s Coco – I’m beautiful and butter wouldn’t melt …








1 Comment

  1. I saw Coco again this weekend over The Meadows….
    Rusty decided to show off and let her have his ball, whilst he ran ran in circles showing off his muscles …😀
    I found out that her official name is Coco – and is is just a nice coincidence that her fur is tinged with streaks of brown, reminiscent of hot chocolate !!


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