Rascals – My First Blog …

There’s so much that I’m looking forward to writing about now that I’ve launched my Pet Photography business …it’s just a question of where to start …

A famous US wedding photographer, Jasmine Star – who gives useful tips about blogging – has suggested that no one reads a first blog anyway, so that means the pressure is off and I can write absolutely anything !

The stories I want to post will be animal stories, pets in particular: tales of loyalty and companionship, of mischief and mayhem, of special bonds and enduring love.

A few of these animals are already known to me – and hundreds of others are out there somewhere; ready and waiting for their stories to be heard and captured forever.

I cannot wait to meet them !

I suppose that it makes sense to start with the animal who I know best – my dog, Rusty. He came to live with me almost 2 years ago and that time has flown by at an amazing pace … Poor Rusty has had more than his fair share of issues, due to the lack of care that he received as a young dog, in the years before I knew him – so his story certainly has its ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. I have decided to copy my original personal blogposts, in order to let you know how Rusty’s life with me began and how things felt at the time.

He is nearly four now and he still has his health issues. The time we have shared together, despite these problems, has been the most wonderful experience of my life. I’m pretty sure that the same thing goes for him …                                                       




  1. Paulaart18 says:

    Can’t wait for ur posts !! I am extending my skills to pet photography !!! 😉


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